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Open Eyes

“Ay, mi hijo, ¿para qué encargan más familia?” my mother asked. “Con tres es más que suficiente.” I didn’t tell her that we were taking no contraceptive  measures to plan our family. We believed that tracking Sylvia’s ovulation  pattern was … Continue reading

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Elijah, Where Art Thou?

by Juan J. Guajardo Christians and political conservatives condemn Jeremiah Wright for his cursing of America.  But who will condemn God for cursing America? THE PROBLEM At the end of the Old Testament, God said He would “come and strike … Continue reading

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Sonnet for St. Nina’s Day

My little girl turns twenty-four today. My LORD, where did the years escape, and where Have all my hugs and kisses gone? I pray, Then rush a long embrace—no time to spare. She is a woman now; I dare not … Continue reading

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Dark Eyes

Today is Nezi’s birthday.  Here’s a draft of part of a chapter I wrote about her.  Happy birthday, my little lamb. The year 1992 was hell on earth for us.  I lived through the summer of my discontent, and Sylvia … Continue reading

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Pablo’s Mortality and Mission

“He’ll be 25 in September,” we’ve been glibly saying in ostensive gratefulness to God for Pablo’s existence.  Life expectancy for boys with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy was 18 years when he was diagnosed in 1992.  Since then nebulizers, carbon dioxide-removing machines, … Continue reading

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An Unschooling Method of Homeschooling Talking with my friend Desi last night, I discovered that my wife and I are not the only RGV parents who have used the “unschooling” method of home schooling our children. I use the term … Continue reading

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