Welcome to reformrgv. Our mission is to bring the spirit of reformation and reconstruction first to the Rio Grande Valley of Texas, then to the world. Our vision is a picture of individuals, families, churches, and social organizations committed to living according to a biblical world view.

If ALL authority was given to Jesus Christ before he ascended to the Father, then all individual, family, church, and civil governments should reflect a submission to that authority. If everything on earth belongs to God, then he is Lord over everything. And there’s the rub: the natural man insists on doing what he sees as right in his own eyes. That’s where the battle rages, and that’s where we want to be involved and do our part. We have volunteered for God’s army in this culture war between man’s kingdom and the Kingdom of God.

Ours is a family blog. Nina (23-year old daughter) does most of the technical work, as well as some of the writing. Pablo (24-year old son) provides historical research and background data. Nezi (18-year old daughter) is the health care correspondent. Ralphy (15-year old son) assists Nina and Nezi in researching new topics, as does Manny (13-year old son). Sylvia (wife and mother) is the heart of the blog, supervising the content being posted. Juan (husband and father) does most of the writing.

Dusty, Copper, Lassie, Chloe, Solita, and Sasha do not regularly contribute to any postings, but may at any time become subjects or means of inspiration.

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