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That’s Not Fair!

And all I’m saying is that everything should be fair.  You know, you learn the idea of fairness when you’re two, three years old.  Right?  You’re in the sandbox and you don’t want to let somebody play with your truck … Continue reading

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Ask and Tell, or Blow the Trumpets Around Twenty-first Century America

Yesterday homosexuals received official permission to declare their sexual preferences publicly while serving in our armed forces; it was the overturning of the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy heretofore used in our military. Not satisfied with being allowed to serve … Continue reading

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Friends Forever: Moses and Messiah

by Juan J. Guajardo  [T]he [Mosaic] Law is a unit comprised of 613 commandments, and all of it has been invalidated. There is no commandment that has continued beyond the cross of the Messiah.  The Law is there and can … Continue reading

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In the Same Boat

Critiquing Stephen Halbrook’s article on why Christians should not vote for presidential candidate Ron Paul, my friend Bojidar Marinov articulated the idea of voting for “the friend of God” even if that person might not have a perfectly developed biblical … Continue reading

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