To the Churches That Send Messengers to the Field of Cyberspace:

I, Juan, your brother and companion in the kingdom and patience of Jesus Christ, was in the city that is called McAllen for the word of God and for the testimony of Jesus Christ. This Lord’s Day I was in the Spirit, I think; and I saw a throne set in heaven, and One sat on the throne. Then immediately the throne was obscured and I saw a room with a mastodon sitting in the middle.

Around the room colorful curtains veiled the scene, so that very few could see the mastodon. Outside the room were twenty-four thousand elders with man-made crowns of plastic on their heads. Though some could catch a glimpse, many were afraid to look or speak for fear of reprisal or loss of employment. Most decided not to cast their crowns, for they could not see the One who sat on the throne.

From the four corners arose a thousand creatures with trowels and spears in their hands and the mark of Nehemiah on their foreheads. These creatures ran around in circles, oblivious to the mastodon in the room, blind to it in almost every case. They did, however, often attempt to get their faces in a book, on which they often wrote and in which they hoped to find their sight.

The elders and the creatures wanted desperately to worship and sing praises to the One who sat on the throne, but they could not see him because of the mastodon in the room.

Then I thought I heard a voice saying to me, “I AM the one who created, established, and upholds the covenant with my creation. My people have conviction, but it is of their own creation; they lack the conviction of my Spirit.” And he showed me how his Spirit is the sovereign that can convict the world of every need for life and godliness. It convicts the world of sin as it rejects the authority of his son. It convicts of righteousness as he is perfect justice. It convicts of judgment as God’s enemy is sanctioned in history, on earth as it is in heaven. And it reveals his covenant to those who fear him, leading them into all truth.

And then I saw again the creatures and the elders, and something like scales began to fall from their eyes. Bursting with the fullness of the Spirit, they were able to cast the mastodon from the middle of the room; and suddenly the throne became apparent, and the One who sat on the throne began to smile. And the creatures and the elders joined the Spirit in glorifying the lamb who sat next to the One who sat on the throne. And the one who sat on the throne began to invite the thousands upon thousands to sit with him and with the lamb, and to rule the world with justice and mercy.

And I thought I heard the voice again, saying, “Only with and through my Spirit can my creatures establish the covenant of their creator.”

As long as fallen creatures attempt to work for God without being filled with the power of His Spirit, we will labor in vain as we try to build in our own strength.

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