Law and Liberty in McAllen, Texas

Over 150 people attended Chalcedon’s initial stop of the Law and Liberty Tour, held at Church of the King McAllen on Saturday, February 23. Mark Rushdoony, Martin Selbrede, and Bojidar Marinov spoke on the centrality of God’s Law in not just leading Christians to Christ but, as Rushdoony put it, in teaching “us how we should then live.”

Rushdoony delivered the first lecture, titled “How We Went from Liberty to Statism.” He said, “We have lost the Christian faith, the belief in the authority of God.” The issue is where authority resides. “All our actions are governed by moral constraints, but whose?”

Marinov followed with “Ethics as the Foundation for Liberty.” He pointed out that Ayn Rand and the classical libertarians have been recipients and consumers of Christian benefits. “But only a Christian can be a true libertarian,” he said. “The main issue is what ethical system will be called liberty. And the perfect law of liberty is the Law of God.”

Selbrede’s first lecture was “Liberty from New World Order.” He delivered an incisive challenge to all Christians. “You can’t have two authorities at the same time occupying the same space,” he said. “But many love the benefits of slavery; it frees us from responsibility.” He explained that much of God’s law “has no human sanctions,” then showed how it defunds all NWO attempts. One major problem is the preaching in our churches. For example, a “bait and switch” is frequently used today by changing Psalm 1:2 from “the law of the LORD” to “the word of the LORD.” But as Selbrede emphasized, “the blessings come from Moses not John.”

After lunch Rushdoony spoke about “The Coming Failure of Statism and the Christian Response.” Fiat money, he said, “fails because it is a form of theft, and God will not bless it.” Contrary to the current finger-pointing of today’s talking heads, “the real fiscal cliff was the creation of the Federal Reserve.” Christians must renounce the creation of fiat money and disavow the messianic state (civil government). “Politicians pass laws to control people who don’t need control,” he said.

Marinov spoke on what the Law says, and to whom; and the biblical separation of society and state. “No one institution can have all the power in society,” he said. And the law of liberty “applies to the spiritual condition and the social order.” After all, “Is God the liberator of Spirits but not of societies?” The division of powers established by God’s law is the model for nations and societies.

The final talk was Selbrede’s “Liberty from the Sword, or Liberty to the Sword.” He stated that we “can never achieve peace directly; peace is a by-product of obedience.” He cited and expounded on biblical passages that show how a nation is “on its own” when God is not glorified. He listed principles of just war and emphasized the importance of not imposing peace by force. “The Law of God has a very bright future,” he said. The answer, however, is not in Karl Marx but in the poor tithe. When Christians are faithful tithers and the church is obedient to the Law of God, there is no need for the temptation of a civil government that offers a free lunch. “The opposite of law is not grace but lawlessness,” he concluded.

The next stop on the tour will be Anacortes, Washington, scheduled for March 9. For more information, go to

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