A Response to David Bahnsen

by Juan J. Guajardo

It would be easy for me to vote for Mitt Romney. I could cite incrementalism, decency, and aptitude, to name a few good reasons. But I voted for Bush, Bush, and McCain in hopeful anticipation; and while their failures don’t justify my change of heart (that would be to employ the pragmatism which I now reject), my view of our American system, my maybe simplistic and naïve understanding of the Bible, and Romney’s own credentials do.  On this topic, David Bahnsen’s “The Most Important Article I Have Ever Written” requires more than a short facebook comment.

DB: The reality of our two-party system means that if my last sentence is correct (and it is), then so is this sentence: It is of dire significance that we vote FOR Gov. Mitt Romney.

If we believe that the visible church should be the standard bearer in creating cultural mores, then we can argue that the reality of our two-party system is to a great degree a consequence of the church’s cultural leadership, or lack thereof.

DB: We conservatives do not need to be talked into fearing an Obama re-election.

We Christians need not fear anything or anyone but God. As one commentator wrote not long ago: “If you fear Obama, you will vote for Romney. If you fear God, you won’t.”

Instead of fearing Obama’s reelection, we should prophesy against the apostate belief that he can have such impact on the lives of Christians. If we are being enslaved, we should cry out for a Moses not a Joseph Smith.

DB: Particularly in states like Nevada, Ohio, Colorado, and Wisconsin, your non-vote for Romney could very well put Obama back in the White House for an additional four years.

Talk about taxation (in this case election) without representation! Here is an admission that most Americans don’t really have a voice in who becomes president. That is, the Electoral College system is so rigged, and the culture stands (or swoons) so degenerately, that only a handful of states are really being contested.

DB: I am not going to defend every single piece of Mitt Romney’s record.

Defending many pieces of Romney’s record would go a long way toward convincing people to vote for him.

DB: If you evaluate each and every action he took as the Governor of that state, you will find (as I did) that he was constantly moving his state to the right….

Again, extensive documentation would help readers to appreciate Romney better. Mr. Bahnsen sounds like a politician: “Take my word for it; I’ve done the research.”

DB: I would spend more time on the abortion flip-flop, except for the fact that I have no doubt that his “pretend position” was when he was pro-choice, not when he became pro-life again.

While I would agree that Romney is more pro-life than Obama, I would argue that the more accurate framing is that Romney is less pro-abortion than Obama. If incest and rape are legitimate reasons for murdering unborn babies, where do we draw the line? What if the baby’s father was abused? What if the mother was abused but not raped? What if the baby will be born with a physical or mental defect? Where is the end of the slippery slope?

DB: I have written in the past of the very limited things a President can actually do. He can not restore the size of government to the “right size” many of us wish it to be.

So do we compromise on issues because of how limited the office is, or in spite of that constitutional limitation? And if it is so limited, why the outcry? And how can we say that a U. S. President “cannot restore the size of the government” when we have seen the executive branch grow to a bloated degree? If a strong President can grow the size of government, he can reduce it too.

DB: The direction he will take the fiscal state of our country vs. Obama is the most important issue in this election.

I disagree. How about issues like the size and function of the civil government? Or the dignity of human life from conception to the grave? Or the acceptance of homosexual imposition on our society?

If we obey God’s commands, we have His promises that He will bless us. He will bless us fiscally if we obey Him, just as He will make even our enemies be at peace with us if our ways are pleasing to Him. Again, we need only fear and obey.

DB: At this time, at this point in history, in this present set of circumstances, God has seen fit to give us a clear and simple choice between a radical, unqualified, dishonest, wretch of a President named Barack Obama, and a competent, managerial, efficient, intelligent, decent man named Mitt Romney.

The two-choice mantra is a fallacious argument which Christians have come to accept without much question. If we never challenge the system, it will become even more entrenched than it is already. And one day, America might have to start again from scratch. What we should be fighting for is the Republic that Mr. Franklin said the Fathers had given us.

And what if the two choices were Obama and Hitler? Where, if at any point, would my Christian brothers draw the line and demand a third candidate? Jesus condemned both Pharisees and Sadducees. He rejected the two-party system; in fact, He instituted His own.

DB: Mitt Romney will be a tool God uses to move the ball down the field.

So will Barack Obama.

DB: I am not writing because Mitt Romney is perfect. I am writing because he is good enough.

Good enough is not good enough. The enemy of the good is almost good or good enough. We don’t need a pretty good, almost good, or simply good candidate; we need an excellent friend of God who will fear Him and govern by His Word and by the U.S. Constitution.

Martin Selbrede has some sobering words regarding the kind of president we should have:

It was common in the early era of American Christianity for election sermons to be preached, and one of the most common texts preached upon was 2 Samuel 23:2-3. It is a very powerful passage, and I’d like you to grasp what it says. These are David’s last words, in effect. He said, “The God of Israel…spake to me: ‘He that ruleth over men must be just ruling in the fear of God.’”

Now, David knew exactly what just meant because “justice shall thou do,” from Deuteronomy 16:20, and the laws to be followed by the king were reiterated in the 17th chapter of Deuteronomy. Here we have basically a requirement being laid down by God for those who rule over men. Not only are they to rule…in terms of the law of God, in terms of godly justice; they are also to rule in the fear of God; in other words, fear of men, which is a snare, does not activate or motivate them. Fear of God purifies them and keeps them far above all arrogance and bribery.

DB: If you worry about the direction of the Supreme Court….

We’ve been down this road before. Do we need to go through the list of Supreme Court Justices who were appointed by supposedly conservative Presidents?

DB: Please, do not sit this out.

Where does the Bible say that I have to vote for the office of President? If anything, it sounds to me as if proponents of the “Christians have to vote for Romney” argument are asking for a king just like the other nations.

As of right now, I still don’t know if I will vote for Romney, write in someone else’s name (though I’m told that it’s not possible in some states), or not vote for President at all. But I will definitely vote in many other races.

DB: Our country – the last, best hope on earth – needs your vote. I have every confidence in the world that we will be pleased we voted for Mitt Romney – every confidence in the world.

It seems to me that Mr. Bahnsen has more confidence in his rationale and Romney’s abilities than he has in God to bless or curse us as we respond to His covenant. What ever happened to the post-millenial optimism of our fathers in the faith? The USA might cease to survive as we know it, but what does that have to do with our hope on earth?

“The last, best hope”? I trust not.

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